Pollard Vineyard

Robin Pollard, Owner
Patrick Rawn, Vineyard Manager
Yakima Valley AVA

Pollard Vineyard is a ten acre site located in the Upper Yakima Valley of Washington State. With a southwest facing slope the vineyard sits at 1150 feet. The soil is silt-loam and the annual precipitation is 8 inches.  The site is dedicated to Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, & Merlot.  Distinguishing features of the vineyard also include a focus on clonal selection and a denser than average planting. Pollard vineyard has 2400 plants per acre in contrast to the typical vineyard of 1700 plants.

Boushey Vineyard

Dick Boushey, Owner & Grower
Yakima Valley AVA

Past ‘Grower of the Year’ winner Dick Boushey has been cultivating grapes since 1980.  We source several Rhone varietals from Dick, including Syrah, Counoise, Cinsault, Marsanne, & Grenache Blanc.  We also craft a 100% Malbec using Dick’s fruit.  These varietals are grown between 800-1300 feet in elevation in varying layers of silty loam.

Elephant Mountain Vineyard | Sugarloaf Vineyard

Joe Hattrup, Owner
Rattlesnake Hills AVA

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Located above the valley floor at 1600 feet, Elephant Mountain Vineyard is positioned at the western end of the Yakima Valley, near the city of Yakima. Soils are a mixture of fine to heavier silt, loam, and alluvial gravel resulting from the great Missoula floods. A walk through the vineyard reveals small quartzite stones of igneous origin.

The vineyard was established in 1998 by Joe and Tom Hattrup. Their background as orchardists provided a strong foundation for the transition to becoming grape growers, and establishing what today is considered one of the Yakima Valley’s finest younger vineyards. Elephants Mountain’s high elevation provides excellent protection from frost damage, helping to extend the growing season late into the fall.  The higher elevation here contributes to greater hang-time while the summer’s sun, sometimes intense at 1600 feet, increases skin thickness, thereby adding structural tannins.

We are currently sourcing Syrah and Mourvedre from Elephant Mountain. The Elephant Mountain Syrah embodies a classic structure. The grapes show flavors of currents, and black raspberry. They hint of dark chocolate, and roasted coffee while the Mourvedre typically shows smoke and black pepper.

The Hattrups’ Sugarloaf Vineyard is located lower down on the Missoula flood plain, closer to the valley floor. The soils are similar, but rockier, with more cobbles and gravel. Sugarloaf is young, but shows great promise.  We source Grenache from this site.

Heart of the Hill Vineyard

Scott Williams, Owner & Grower
Red Mountain AVA

Thanks to Scott and Heart of the Hill, we are now crafting decadent single varietal bottles of Petit Sirah & Cabernet Sauvignon.  If you are looking for chewy, dense, dark, and masculine wines, look no further

Lawrence Vineyard

Josh Lawrence, Owner & Grower
Columbia Valley AVA

Immaculately managed vines, we use only Roussanne from this site, which we craft into a single varietal, barrel-aged wine.  Located at 1400 feet in elevation, this grape is one our latest-ripening varietals.