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Ott & Murphy Wines is located in Downtown Langley – The Village by the Sea.

A short drive and beautiful ferry ride from Seattle. Experience true wine in the French Village style – Stop by our tasting room today!

Ott & Murphy Wines
204 First Street
Langley, Wa 98260
Hours: Sunday through Thursday: 1 to 8 PM
Friday & Saturday: 1PM to 10 PM

Telephone:  360.221.7131


9 Replies to “Contact Us”

  1. Hi there Wes. Thanks for your interest but we have no distribution channel outside of Washington. We can ship wine, but it appears we are limited to 2 cases per year in Arizona. If you would like a couple of cases we would give you 40% off retail. Shipping is 40$ per case. Cheers.

  2. My wife and I (from Bremerton) visited your tasting room in mid-October 2012 while visiting Whidbey Island for a long weekend. At that time your wines impressed us more than any other local island wines that we tasted. Tonight…four years later we opened a bottle of your 2009 Grenache. My notes: “Clear medium ruby color; very fragrant spicy nose of cinnamon, clove, cherry and raspberry; in the mouth it’s rich and moderately tannic with great texture and a chewy quality; delicious fruit flavors of raspberry, blueberry and more spiciness. If there’s any oak, it’s in the background…which we like. This is one delicious and well balanced Grenache blend that I wish I had bought more of, as there are so few decent Grenaches here in WA. A real winner!” I’m retired for 12 years, but I spent 31 years in the wine and liquor industry and 40+ years collecting wines. This is one of the best Grenaches I’ve ever had.

  3. Hello! We have you on our shelves and I would like to make some shelf talkers about the wine makers- can you send me a few pictures of the winemakers/winery and a line or two about the company?
    Thanks- Jaci (
    Happy to have you on the shelves- Tracey La Pierre introduced me to the wines when she was at Enolab.

  4. WE self distribute–so have mostly sites N. of Seattle. Working on finding someone to distribute for a small boutique winery. Two previous distributors have gone out of business. Know anyone? You can order wine shipped however.

  5. Diane here. I do most of the booking for our space. Could do that Thursday. Thursdays can work if we do good promotion. Hours are until 8PM so suggest 6PM to 8 perhaps. Posters and posting to our local papers and “drewslist” which is also local. Would you want to do a cover or tips only? Contact me via this site or facebook via Ott and Murphy Winery Tasting Room.

  6. Good afternoon

    My name is Nathan Rivera. I’m looking to share my music in your tasting room.

    International touring artists, our shows are interactive, fun and with a message for everyone.

    2 resonator guitars, 1 accordion, 1 female voice, 1 male voice, all original music.

    Live video and music:

    Thursday the 10th of September would be great.
    Let’s communicate!

    Nathan Rivera
    (951) 719 5038

    “Music makes the world go ’round”

  7. Hello!

    My name is Tracey LaPierre, enologist for Mark Ryan Winery (Eric was a client of mine at the Enolab). I’m emailing to let you know that I have just opened a full service wine lab in West Seattle. Please check out my website to see if there is a service that suits your needs and let me know if I can be of assistance!
    text/call 805-807-2128

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